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Here's what's inside the course:

‘Getting Started with Grasshopper’ will guide you step-by-step and get you ready to start writing your own scripts Grasshopper scripts as quickly as possible. I’ll show you everything you need to know to start building your first scripts.

Lesson 1: Intro to Visual Programming

In this first lesson, you will learn the essential concepts of Visual Programming. You’ll learn how Grasshopper can bridge modelling and scripting. You will also learn about programming concepts such as variables and functions, data management and debugging which are essential for working with Grasshopper effectively.

In this lesson we’ll cover:

  • What functionality we can expect from Grasshopper as a visual programming environment and how it empowers us to create complex programs without having to write a single line of code

  • Essential programming concepts such as variables and functions which are essential for working with Grasshopper effectively. 

  • What data management is in Grasshopper and why we need learn how to manage and control data flows. 

  • Introducing the concept of debugging scripts in Grasshopper and why it is an important part of (visual) programming.

Lesson 2: Mastering the Grasshopper Interface

In this lesson, you’re going to learn everything we need to know about the Grasshopper interface. You are going to learn the best way to find and add components, how to understand their inputs, how to connect components and how the live preview works. 

In this lesson we’ll cover:

  • How to navigate and set up the Grasshopper interface 
  • The fastest way to find and add components
  • Essential shortcuts for creating and removing single and multiple connections
  • Controlling the preview – how to show, hide and isolate component previews
  • How to reference geometry from Rhino to use in Grasshopper with the help of container components
  • How to copy, paste, and delete components on the canvas

Lesson 3: Essential Components

In this lesson you’ll learn 3 essential Grasshopper components that feature in almost every script: the Panel, the Number Slider and the Expression Editor.

In this lesson we’ll cover:

  • How to use the Panel component to see the contents and data structure of a component’s output and double-check the number of items and their type.
  • How to use the Divide Curve component to create a specified number of equally spaced points on a curve
  • How to use the Number Slider component and how to change the range and precision of the numbers it generates.
  • How to use the Panel as an input method
  • How to use the Expression Editor to create parametric curve spacings

Lesson 4: The Grasshopper design process

In this lesson you will learn how to approach a design problem in Grasshopper by starting with an idea and figuring out the logic of the design, breaking it down into steps, and converting those steps into Grasshopper components. 

In this lesson we’ll cover:

  • Understand and create algorithms for designing in Grasshopper
  • Apply problem-solving and critical thinking skills in designing
  • Approach a design problem in Grasshopper by figuring out the logic of the design
  • Break down the final result into geometric steps
  • Put the design into words and articulate the image in mind to make sense of it
  • Sketch out the core geometric operations that will lead to the desired output
  • Think backwards from the final result to decode the design
  • Select objects in a relative way to make the script work for any similar input
  • Find the components that can best recreate the logic sketched out
  • Apply programming concepts, use specific components, and manage the data flow
  • Follow the three-step process of defining a design goal, breaking down the logic into simple steps, and converting them into Grasshopper components
  • Build your first Grasshopper Script in the upcoming lesson

Lesson 5: Your first full script!

In this final lesson we’ll bring everything we’ve learned so far together in a design exercise. We’ll build a simple script that illustrates the entire script design lifecycle.

In this lesson you’ll learn:

  • How to use the Grasshopper Design Process to reverse-engineer the steps needed to get to your desired outcome.
  • How to define the starting point of a script
  • Using the Series component to move objects vertically to different heights.
  • How to specify rotation in Grasshopper with construction planes.
  • Moving objects using vectors
  • How to adjust the degree of the Nurbs Curves to define the relationship between the control points and the curve.
Essential Grasshopper Keyboard Shortcuts

Essential Grasshopper Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Get all the essential Grasshopper keyboard shortcut in a handy cheat sheet!

Download the PDF or print it out and keep it by your side as a quick reference during your learning journey.

With this cheat sheet, you’ll be mastering Grasshopper’s shortcuts in no time!

Grasshopper for Beginners Ebook Image

Grasshopper for Beginners eBook

While our mini-course dives deep into the world of Grasshopper, we understand that sometimes you need a quick answer, or just prefer reading at your own pace. That’s why we’re including our specially crafted eBook with this course.

  1. Quick Navigation: Easily scroll and jump to specific sections, allowing you to find information swiftly.
  2. Handy Reference: No need to rewatch an entire lesson. Use the eBook as a reliable companion guide while working on Grasshopper.
  3. Read at Your Own Pace: Whether you’re a rapid reader or someone who likes to ponder over details, our eBook adapts to your style.
Debunking Grasshopper Myths Mockup

Debunking Grasshopper Myths - Setting the Stage for Your Success

Dive into our myth-busting guide and shed the misconceptions holding you back from Grasshopper mastery. Think it’s too complex, requires advanced math, or takes years to grasp? We debunk all these myths and more, giving you the clarity and confidence to learn Grasshopper effectively. Say goodbye to doubts and elevate your design potential.

The Ultimate Learning Roadmap

Learn exactly which concepts and components you need to learn, and in which order, to master Grasshopper for architectural design as efficiently as possible.

Includes useful checklists to stay on track!

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  • A Design Architect seeking rapid proficiency.
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  • An Architecture Student pursuing top-tier architectural roles.
  • Any Designer eager to master parametric designs.

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You can do this even if you are busy! ... No fluff, I promise.

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Don’t fall prey to the time fallacy. By mastering Grasshopper, you’ll actually gain time! A minor shift in priorities now will set you up for long-term success.

I’m not a math person, it looks too difficult…
We’ve broken down Grasshopper into small, easy-to-follow lessons. With our guidance, you’ll soon realize just how far you’ve come!

Why should I take this course instead of learning on YouTube?
We prioritize YOUR learning, not watchtime or flashy thumbnails. Expect a concise, to-the-point curriculum – no fluff, I promise.

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Thomas Jeremy Tait. Hopific founder, currently Lead Design Architect and Project Manager at Snøhetta.

Meet your instructor

Thomas Jeremy Tait

Hi, I am Thomas, I’m lead design architect, computational design specialist and project manager at Snøhetta.

I started learning Grasshopper more than a decade ago, and quickly realized what a huge difference it can make in daily work as a design architect. My friends and colleagues started asking me how I was creating designs so quickly, and I started teaching! 

My life as an architect changed completely after learning Grasshopper and I believe everyone can unleash their design superpowers with the right guidance and support.

I’m excited to see what you create in the course!

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