Never start with a blank Grasshopper canvas again.

Use our library of ready-to-use parametric pattern scripts and immediately apply them to your designs. Save hours of trial and error and get right to developing the scripts for your projects. 

Get a Curated Catalogue of The Most Popular Parametric Patterns and Save Hours of Time

Our Grasshopper pattern collection features some of the most popular and useful patterns in contemporary architectural design. These fully parametric patterns can be applied to any planar surface in just seconds, saving you hours of development time.

No more searching for year-old, half-made scripts! All scripts work on all scales, and in any orientation, ensuring you can focus on adding that extra touch to your designs instead of getting frustrated scripting from scratch.

Apply Parametric Patterns to Your Designs in Seconds

Shortcut your way to sophisticated patterns in your design by applying the scripts directly to your designs in three simply steps:

Step 1: Pick a Pattern using the Catalogue

Step 2: Reference a Rhino surface and any attractor geometry

Step 3: Adjust the pattern with Number Sliders. Done!

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Fully annotated scripts: easily edit, learn, and use them in your projects.

No more spaghetti monsters: clearly organized scripts with clearly annotated component groups make editing and making the scripts your own a breeze. All Number Slider parameters are described, so you always know what they do. 

You’d rather not mess with the script? No problem, simply provide the required inputs, adjust the pattern with the Number Sliders and bake the result!

Get access to 50+ Patterns

Patterns Included in the Collection:

  • Geometric patterns
  • Organic Patterns
  • Gradient patterns
  • Curve Attractors
  • Dissolution Effects
  • Brick Patterns
  • & more!

The Ultimate Grasshopper Pattern Collection

  • Plug-and-Play: Reference a surface and let the script do the rest
  • Easy to Use: No prior Grasshopper knowledge required
  • 50+ ready-made patterns
  • Professionally made scripts
  • Fully annotated scripts for easy modification and use
  • Save 100+ hours of scripting
  • Curated patterns for contemporary design applications

Frequently Asked Questions

The script are designed to be of value for both beginners and more advanced users. The components are named and grouped so you always know what each part of the script does. If you are completely knew to Grasshopper, a short instructional pdf teaches you all you need to know to start using the scripts right away, even without prior Grasshopper knowledge!

You get a download link containing the collection of Grasshopper scripts, the pattern catalogue containing all the patterns, and instructions on how to apply the scripts to your designs.

You’ll need a copy of Rhino installed on your machine. Grasshopper ships with Rhino so you won’t need to install it separately.

Any more questions?

Drop me a line, I’m here to help!

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